The Frances Virginia Tea Room

My grandmother, Victoria Suttles, “Vic”, was born in Atlanta in March of 1900. To give perspective, there were no paved roads. The new development Peachtree Heights East (Duck Pond behind Christ The King Church on Peachtree, near West Wesley) advertised the new high-end feature and benefit of “oiled roads” to entice families to build homes “outside Atlanta.”

What does this fact have to do with this image? Nothing really except that it reminds me of her stories about The Frances Virginia Tea Room “in Atlanta.” Evidently, it was quite the social scene for the ladies of Atlanta; opening in 1928, my grandmother held it in very high esteem. It was not her crowd, above her class, but she was enamored with it none the less. This image reeks of my mental interpretation of The Frances Virginia Tea Room.

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