Tallulah River

The Tallulah River is in North Georgia. This part of the river is at the headwaters way above Lake Burton and the Tallulah Gorge. As a kid, I spent countless days in and on the banks of this river. I knew every boulder, every pool, every mountain laurel, and where the trout liked to rest. It is still beautiful, but the passage of time and other humans like myself finding it has left signs. In those days, the river bed was round water-polished rocks of every size and shape, with no silt or sand. It was magnificent to contemplate the amount of time and energy required to smooth these rocks by dashing them against one another and boulders like these.

My childhood soul resides there somewhere. There is no substitute for nature.

Tallulah River is available in a limited edition of two sizes: 9×16″ -01/05 ($130) and 27×48″ -01/01 ($1000).

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