Stories of the South Exhibition Submission

I submitted these nine images today to a call for entry to an exhibit of Stories Of The South.

The Call: Whether you are from the region itself or have passed through over time, the south has a way of embedding itself into ones memories. From its long history, quirky landmarks and vast changing landscape, the south is deeply rooted in tradition and American culture. While many people think the south wants to remain as it was, the “old south,” I have found that over the last decade the region is beginning to turn over a new leaf. This show is a chance for photographers to give viewers a taste of what the south looks like for them through their lens.

My Submission Statement: These images from  my “Evidence Of Personality & Identity” project uniquely invite a Southern observer to remember personal stories or identify strongly with similar stories, all of the South. For observers without the benefit of a “Southern Experience,” the images are enigmatic and provoke quandary and assessment of personally held beliefs.




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