“Portent” How it’s Made In Photoshop

Most of the time I use Photoshop and other editing tools to alter my photograph in ways that help it to tell the story I originally wanted to say when I snapped the shutter; usually adjusting elements that would have been manipulated in the darkroom if the original had been a film image. Then sometimes I know when I snap the shutter, I will completely alter the photograph to become something that was not there physically at all. This photo is one of those images. I was in the Carribean on a day trip, and it was rainy and overcast. I was out with my camera, and this bird flew up and landed on the tip of this branch and gave me his perfect profile. Immediately I knew that I had all the elements present to tell this story. I made photographs while he was moving around slightly. I think he knew. On the third shot, he turned his head to perfect profile for me, I got it, and I knew I got it with that capture. He flew off.  Below is that photograph as it came out of the camera as well as what I did to it in photoshop.

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