Molena, Georgia – 2018

Molena, Georgia 2018

Molena is the home of the South by Southeast Photo Gallery. While waiting for the gallery to open I explored around town early on an overcast morning. The light and mist gave an ethereal feel to this children’s park which I tried to capture and express with this image. I wanted the scene to be slightly blurred and distant and I wanted the horses to beckon brightly in the misty gloom. I knew it had to be black and white.  As a testament to smaller towns, it was not until I began to drive off that the local law enforcement car revealed itself from behind a large clump of trees and pulled alongside my car. I waved of course and all was well; just doing their job. You don’t get that level of protection in Atlanta but once outside in the rest of the state Barny Fife is still alive and well!

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