Happy & Unhappy

Happy and Unhappy is from my trip to France for Paris Photo 2019. I attended as a member of the APG (Atlanta Photography Group) organized trip from Atlanta. I was traveling with Judith Pishnery, Chip Standifer, Joe Massey, Corinne Adams, Peter Essick, Jammie Longhurst, and several others, not from Atlanta. It was a terrific trip!! Judy as group leader managed all the details for us. She even arranged a private tour for us led by Sarah Kennel and Gregory Harris from the High Musem. Before I ever last Paris, I swore to myself I would never miss another year!

And then came 2020. BUT- I have memories and images to hold me over until I can return.

This image is from my looking for sight project, which is about creating artful images that engage the viewer and warrant an interpretation of their meaning. What I love to explore are reality and perception. I especially like images like this one, which is so rich that almost anyone can see a story that interests them. The woman with her eyes closed, eating something she is holding in one of her hands. She is wearing a scarf. Is it a religious statement? She seems almost attempting to pull herself away from everyone. Why? There is the miserable baby in her arms; right next to him, a little girl jumps with glee on top of a hole in the ground, enjoying not falling through. There are two women, deep in conversation, oblivious to everything around them. And, on and on…

My take? It is about the fleeting all-encompassing emotions of children in the same place and time, yet vastly contradictory, contrasted with adults’ more “serious” feelings.

Happy and Unhappy is available in a limited edition of five 10×10 ($95), five 15×15 ($180), and two 24×24 ($500)


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