“Corner Stone”

This snapshot of “Corner Stone” was taken at The River Gallery which is currently exhibiting a Father/Son exhibit of my photography and my dad’s painting.  This edition of “Center Stone” measures 20″ x 29″; mounted on half inch foam board, framed with a simple black wood frame. The show opened January 5 and runs through to the end of this month. As of today, I believe it is still available by contacting The River Gallery directly.

“Center Stone” is one of the central images from a project I have been working on for a few years now. The project itself is about addiction, self-destruction, and collateral emotional damage caused this. On one of my roundabouts, I discovered a tiny, two-room abandoned home. It reeked of pain and suffering from the street. Exploring closer I discovered that it had been trashed and abandoned, almost by instant violent rapture it appeared. Graffiti left behind in agonizing spray paint prophesized “Death Comes Quickly To Those Who Smoke / If You Smoke You Had Better Clean Up”. Like the photo that I posted on Jan 7, “Killer”,  this made me stop too. I have since been back several times over the past few years documenting this house and its story as it deteriorates …more to come.

Unless I decide differently at some future point, “Center Stone” will most likely become the icon of this project. To me, it symbolizes fragility, struggle, precariousness, perseverance, and renewal; all of the themes I have discovered in this one house, just by stopping for an instant.

Contact Photo@ToddSuttles.Com for pricing and availability.

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