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  • Use Your Inside Voice

    Sometimes I can’t help but feel the Evidence of Life that permeates forever.

  • Executive Dream

    Sometimes when I walk the world, scenes call out to me to be made in Black and White. This is one of those, shot in downtown Blairsville in October 2020. I love all the textures and how everything conspired together to render this scene.

  • Land Of Plenty

    Land of Plenty is from Bill Suttles’ Off The Easel Collection -2020 An original pastel by Bill Suttles measuring 12 x 12. Please remember these are artworks only, unframed and unmatted, literally directly off his easel. Because of this, adjustments have been made accordingly to the sale price. Visit Store.

  • Larry’s Vietnam, a moment

    I am excited to have “Larry’s Vietnam, a moment” included in The Atlanta Photography Group Directors Cut Exhibition 2020.  I created this image on one of my early mornings roams around North Georgia. While shooting it, a four-wheel cart pulled up driven by Larry, rifle across his lap. He was curious and, I suspect, was…

  • Timespan

    A new original pastel from Bill Suttles’ Off The Easel Collection -2020. Timespan measures 13×10″ and is available online  $750.            

  • Overlooking

    A new pastel from Bill Suttles’ Off The Easel Collection -2020 Overlooking is an original pastel measuring 11.5×15″ and is available online $750          

  • Tallulah River

    The Tallulah River is in North Georgia. This part of the river is at the headwaters way above Lake Burton and the Tallulah Gorge. As a kid, I spent countless days in and on the banks of this river. I knew every boulder, every pool, every mountain laurel, and where the trout liked to rest.…

  • On The Verge Of Understanding

    On The Verge Of Understanding is an original pastel by Bill Suttles measuring 12×12″. It is from his Right Off The Easel-2020 Collection of new work created during social distancing. About Bill’s Right Off The Easel- 2020 Collection      -Bill Suttles has been painting every day since the Coronavirus pandemic began this year. The fruit of all this…

  • Shootin Creek Mall

    I really enjoyed this image. There are so many stories being told and I especially enjoy the cyan bouncing with the reds.

  • Sweetcorn