Cat Named Spot

I found Spot on one of my Georgia wander-abouts. I was scouting through Calhoun Georgia when I spotted her. She was just sitting where you see her here, beside a handmade birdhouse, about 6 feet off the ground. Her mom had just returned from the grocery store and was busy trying to keep up with two great danes as she carried in groceries from the car. Spot had taken the high ground and was watching both the dogs and myself -warily. I wish I could claim that I had planned all the geometry in this image, but it was just plain luck. I love the way the squares and circles play off each other, and having a black spot on Spot’s chest was just too good to be true. My uncle told me years ago when I opened my first business that in his experience, he would take “luck” over “smarts” every time. This is one of those circumstances.

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