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  • Tallulah River

    The Tallulah River is in North Georgia. This part of the river is at the headwaters way above Lake Burton and the Tallulah Gorge. As a kid, I spent countless days in and on the banks of this river. I knew every boulder, every pool, every mountain laurel, and where the trout liked to rest.…

  • On The Verge Of Understanding

    On The Verge Of Understanding is an original pastel by Bill Suttles measuring 12×12″. It is from his Right Off The Easel-2020 Collection of new work created during social distancing. About Bill’s Right Off The Easel- 2020 Collection      -Bill Suttles has been painting every day since the Coronavirus pandemic began this year. The fruit of all this…

  • Shootin Creek Mall

    I really enjoyed this image. There are so many stories being told and I especially enjoy the cyan bouncing with the reds.

  • Sweetcorn

  • Cascade

    Original pastel by Bill Suttles, 11.5 x 15 From the Off The Easel Collection -2020   The social distancing of 2020 provides both the time and the impetus to create art! Bill Suttles has been painting every day since the Coronavirus pandemic began this year. The fruit of all this passion and labor is a large…

  • Happy & Unhappy

    Happy and Unhappy is from my trip to France for Paris Photo 2019. I attended as a member of the APG (Atlanta Photography Group) organized trip from Atlanta. I was traveling with Judith Pishnery, Chip Standifer, Joe Massey, Corinne Adams, Peter Essick, Jammie Longhurst, and several others, not from Atlanta. It was a terrific trip!! Judy…

  • Eiffel Tower November 10 2019

    Eiffel Tower, November 10, 2019

    One of the highlights of attending Paris Photo 2019, aside from attending the event itself, was a trip to the Louis Vuitton Foundation. I created this image on the rooftop at sunset. It was a magical experience to watch night fall upon Paris. I will always be able to relive it. Eiffel Tower, November 10, 2019 is available…

  • The Blue Door

    A Bill Suttles original.  

  • Downtown Blairsville Georgia, September 02, 2020

    I was walking about downtown Blairsville early in the morning to catch the light. I wonder the story behind this little building, long ago abandoned nestled under the giant tree, hidden and held by immense branches. And why so much window? For looking out or in? 10×15 Fine Art Archival Pigment Print  –  $140  

  • April

    April is a Bill Suttles original pastel on paper measuring 9×9″. It is unframed.  $400