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  • Across The Room

    Original pastel by Bill Suttles from his “Off The Easel Collection” available here

  • A New Pastel by Bill Suttles – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Coming In To View -2021

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I selected this image to be my first published image of 2021. To me, it symbolizes the walk through a dark night, to a bright new day. That is what I wish to be true for us all in 2021.

  • Afternoon Jog

    Another image from my trip to Paris last year (2019). The sun was setting on my last day and last walk before packing up the camera to travel back home. The light was magnificent here. The sun was very low, the light radiant gold. Even so, I knew before I lifted the viewfinder that this…

  • Use Your Inside Voice

    Sometimes I can’t help but feel the Evidence of Life that permeates forever.

  • Executive Dream

    Sometimes when I walk the world, scenes call out to me to be made in Black and White. This is one of those, shot in downtown Blairsville in October 2020. I love all the textures and how everything conspired together to render this scene.

  • Land Of Plenty

    Land of Plenty is from Bill Suttles’ Off The Easel Collection -2020 An original pastel by Bill Suttles measuring 12 x 12. Please remember these are artworks only, unframed and unmatted, literally directly off his easel. Because of this, adjustments have been made accordingly to the sale price. Visit Store.

  • Larry’s Vietnam, a moment

    I am excited to have “Larry’s Vietnam, a moment” included in The Atlanta Photography Group Directors Cut Exhibition 2020.  I created this image on one of my early mornings roams around North Georgia. While shooting it, a four-wheel cart pulled up driven by Larry, rifle across his lap. He was curious and, I suspect, was…

  • Timespan

    A new original pastel from Bill Suttles’ Off The Easel Collection -2020. Timespan measures 13×10″ and is available online  $750.            

  • Overlooking

    A new pastel from Bill Suttles’ Off The Easel Collection -2020 Overlooking is an original pastel measuring 11.5×15″ and is available online $750