APG Francis Thompson Selects – October 2020

Happy to have “Boy At Grand Palais, 2019” included in the exhibit

This image is from my project Evidence Of Personality – Identity. 

This project is about the assignment of personality and identity. Within the first three minutes of meeting a new person or situation, human nature drives us to appraise, classify, and designate an identity for each encounter. This primal instinct served humanity well for survival but causes much separation and conflict in modern society. My work in this project is about creating odd images whose intent and point of view is purposefully ambiguous, prompting the viewer to assign their own meaning to the photograph. By triggering the viewer, I hope they will realize the interpretation is a reflection of their own views, past, and biases, and has no reality in the image. I want viewers to reconsider their profoundly entrenched or controversial preconceptions for validity, opening the door to a more empathetic and tolerant union with the world.

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