SuttleNews.Com is maintained by Todd Suttles to share the art created by his mother, father, and himself.

Bill Suttles

Bill graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Exposure to the magnificent Impressionist Collection at Chicago’s Art Institute while at school was instrumental. He also credits the study of Wolf Kahn, Irwin Greenberg, and Coralie Tweed as inspiration. For over 50 years, an artist, his painterly landscapes, and figurative works in oil and pastel have been appearing in galleries around the Southeast for five decades. What began as a career in illustration, with commissions from publishers and national corporations such as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and Lockheed, has evolved into a full time, happy commitment to doing his own art, for his own reasons, in his own way. His training at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois, provided a traditional academic education which he always appreciated as a foundation and sought to move beyond, as all artists must, who hope to find a way to say something unique, important to them and possibly to others. Bill is in galleries in Georgia (Atlanta, Lake Burton, and Blue Ridge) as well as South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee. In 2001 he and his wife Pat retired to the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia – where he finds a visual feast available to him just outside his door. He uses oils, pastel, and acrylics in creating landscapes and figurative work, and while painting Plein air. Bill is a member of the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association, The Southern Appalachian Artist Guild, and The Southeastern Pastel Society.

Pat Suttles

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1931, Pat earned her degree in graphic design and went on to earn an MFA in ceramics at Georgia State University in mid-life. She worked a “potter” in the late ’60s and ’70s. Pat was active in the art scene of that period, attending Penland School and exhibiting her work at various galleries and museums. Some of her work is in the permanent collection of The High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, and she participated in a group exhibition there as well.

Todd Suttles


Growing up as the son of two professional artists in the conservative mid-twentieth century South influenced Todd’s perception of contemporary culture. Often being that artistic kid on the fringe of normal, his position as an outlier made him a vigilant observer of people, places, and situations.

A successful career as a salon owner, and stylist, Todd worked closely with people to express their sense of identity. Much of his photographic work seeks to find, document, and tell the unique stories of personality and identity expressed by individuals and communities.

For decades, Todd photographed commercially to support his business and in 2010 restructured his life to focus on artistic work. In 2020, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Todd closed his hair salon in Atlanta and moved to Blairsville in the North Georgia Mountains where he is now creating art with his painter father, Bill Suttles. They each create art in their studio atop Buzzards Roost, in the Trackrock Gap -the southernmost pass into the northern Appalachian mountain range.