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Paintings of Bill Suttles ~ Photography of Todd Suttles
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  • Cascade

    Original pastel by Bill Suttles from his Off The Easel Series. “Cascade” measures 12×16 inches.   (BUY)   .

  • Doug Beasley assigned our class to create a photo about “emergence”

    My initial intent was to take this little plastic duck, saved by my mother from my childhood, to a creek and see what “emerged.” In the course of doing that I fell, broke the poor duck’s neck, and at least one of my ribs. The camera was fine. I made the image and then proceeded…

  • Lake Ocoee

    Luck and timing are everything! Limited Edition of five each in 15×15″  & 30×30″  

  • “black/white” A Smith Gallery Exhibition

    APRIL 24 – MAY 30, 2021 “black/white” A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX Juror | Eric Kunsman I am so honored to have my image “Learning/Acceptance” included in the “black/white” Exhibition at A Smith Gallery. On Saturday, April 24, 4:00 pm CDT, there will be a Facebook Live Gallery Walk. It is open and accessible…

  • Searching For Charlotte

    I’ve always been one to take luck over smarts. In digital photography, anything can be added or subtracted to an image, even a pig. But I assure you this is the real deal. My father and I were out on a wander-about, cameras in hand; he was shooting references for his painting, and I was…

  • 34°52’55.986″ N 83°58’10.512″ W

    My creative homework assignment consisted of picking a starting point and then rolling dice three times: go Xnumber of distance;  Xnumber of direction, and Xnumber degree of compass. MAKE A PHOTO. Just in case you are wondering…    

  • Fences and Fields

    Original By Bill Suttles – 12×16″ – $800 Available Here

  • Hope And Trust

    Original By Bill Suttles – 12×12″ – $700 Available Here

  • A Little Wind

    While attending PhotoNOLA​ in 2019, I spent some time walking the streets with my camera. I found this house which was under interior renovation on the first day I was in New Orleans. I returned to it each day to photograph the wind playing with the protective tarping. Each visit was different due to the…

  • Field And Stream

    Original By Bill Suttles – 12×16″ – $850 Available Here