Hemphill Homestead

The Hemphill Homestead – January 15, 2014

Today I went out on an artist date as prescribed by the book “The Artist’s Way”. I started the book two days ago and have done the required 3 full pages of brain dump writing first thing out of bed. Today I did the second step which is what she calls an artist’s date: I went out with the sole intent of having fun taking photos. My self selected assignment was to go to one location; create artistically interesting photos that would hopefully make the observer feel like he/she had actually been there and felt an intimacy to the location. The collection of photos above are my best attempt at achieving this. It felt great to just be out shooting without worrying about how I was going to use it; whether anyone else would like it; concerns about digital processing and printing; etc; etc.

This property belongs to the Hemphill Family. I spoke with one of the brothers who still own this land while I was on location. He told me that this was the home of his mother and father and that he grew up here. Also, he told me that there had been a thriving country store located on the front corner of this property at the roadside. That is just a field now, the store is long gone.

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