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  • Cecil and His Airplane Trip

    Every once in a while, a photograph comes right up to you and demands that it be made. Most of the time, it does not involve a human being but when it does -Take NOTE. It is a sin, akin to killing a mockingbird, NOT to take it. It always involves much more than just…


    I am honored to have “Looking” included in the Strange Time Exhibit: Atlanta Photography Group presents STRANGE TIME, a small print exhibition, with fun, creative photographic works selected by juror, Barbara Griffin. Strange Time is a fun, small print exhibition, featuring unique images

  • Bill Suttles Planning His Next Painting

  • Baseball No. 02

    Playing around with my camera for a workshop I am taking on creativity taught by Beth Lilly. This is from Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia near my home.  

  • Suttles Family Art Exhibition October 9-December 31

    More Details Coming Soon

  • Larry’s Vietnam, a moment

    This morning I was in the Tusquittee River Valley near Hayesville, NC. I had come upon this scene, and I had a clear inspiration for how I wanted to capture it. I had left the house at about 7:00 so that I would have good light. I love the morning light. Its warmth and the…

  • A Bright Day No.02

    Fine Art Print of Bill Suttles’ pastel titled A Bright day is now available. The print measures 10×14″ and is printed on Archival 100% cotton rag paper for $115.

  • Trapped Tension

    I just found this on one of my walks in Meeks Park, Blairsville, Georgia

  • A Road In Southern France

    A Road In Southern France is a new pastel by my father, Bill Suttles. During our COVID Self-distancing, he has begun a series of new smaller works. This is one of them. I am storing all of his art on his own website, and this painting is there as well along with a short…

  • 6 Months Since Last Post! WOW! Adding Pat & Bill Suttles’ Art Moving Forward

    Suttle News from this point forward will be about THREE Suttles artists: Bill, Pat, and Todd (my mom is deceased, but I will be including her art from my personal collection)