Todd Suttles Art Photography

Seasoned in the South

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  • Jail House, Jasper, Georgia. I submitted this to be juried for the Slow Exposures 2016 show ( ).

  • Shot this on my first cruise with Meri in April 2015. Just now getting to it for editing.

  • This is another “from the beginning” painting by Bill Suttles

  • Slow Exposures Exhibition     September 2015 The photograph Young Patriot was juried into the 2015 SlowExposures National Photography Show by Jerry Atnip and John A Bennette. The Limited Slow Exposures Edition Prints of Young Patriot is available here

  • After School, St Thomas After School St Thomas is available as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print

  • “The Grind”

  • “Bad Fung Shui”

  • Witness Witness is available as a Limted Edition Fine Art Print

  • “Gate Keeper” Another image I found walking around St Thomas This image is available as a Limited Edition Fine Art print.

  • Foggy Winters

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