Todd Suttles Art Photography

Seasoned in the South

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  • Overspill

    “Overspill” Available in Store Here

  • Cedartown, Georgia

    Another image of the Cedartown home I shot while roaming around on June 15, 2016

  • Plainsville, Georgia

    Plainsville, Georgia. I shot this while roaming the state June 15, 2016

  • Close Observation

    A capture at The High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia; on Father’s Day.

  • Cedartown, Georgia

    Old Home, Cedartown, Georgia

    Side of old Cedartown home. Shot these while roaming the state June 15, 2016

  • Walkway, Jasper, Georgia

    Prints Available Here

  • “Playing” in The South

  • “Tanglez & Toez”

    Tanglez & Toez -I shot this in North Carolina to be entered to be juried for The Slow Exposures 2016 Show. ( )

  • Twisted

    “Twisted” another from the past, re-edited for today. You can’t see it from this view, but there is an actual chain holding this structure up attached to the tree behind it. Without that chain, it would be on the ground for sure. Prints Available Here

  • Morning Light in Forsyth, Georgia

    Morning Light in Forsyth, Georgia