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Seasoned in the South

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  • WildThings, Start to Finish

    I thought it would be fun to post the original photograph and how I altered it to create this image. See below. Thanks, -t Fine Art Print Available, Click Here final:                                                …

  • McCULLOH Train Station

    One year ago today, Chip Standifer and I did a photo-ramble through lower Alabama. This photo is one of my favorite images from that trip. I love the simplicity of the shape and the contrast between red and green. I have no idea what the age of this train station might be, but I would…

  • Death Chair

    Death Chair, Hayesville, NC This image is a new black and white from a series I have been working on about drug addiction. The full quote on the wall is “Death Comes Easily to Those Who Smoke. If You Smoke, You Better Clean Up”. Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • Choestoe

    Union County, Georgia Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • Summertime Is Here

    Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • Untitled VF21

    Untitled VF21

    I find it interesting that Southerners who seem to be so skeptical of strangers and socially withdrawn empower their homes to communicate so profusely. I found this yard art in Alabama. I always want to stop and talk with the occupants, and I know there is a story lurking somewhere just under the visible. Fine…

  • Shapes


    Sometimes I like the shapes I see and how they play with one another in the image. Add in the tension between the red and green, throw in some dramatic warm side light and what’s not to like? Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • “Having Fun”

    Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Fun is an experience often unexpected, informal or purposeless. It is an enjoyable distraction, diverting the mind and body from any serious task or contributing an extra dimension to it. Wikipedia Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • Irvins


    What can I say? If you have spent any time off the main roads in the South, you will have seen the likes of this. I mean, why wouldn’t you spend a week or so with a welder making a superhero out of spare junkyard parts, dress him in a parachute, and place him in…

  • Easter Afternoon, 2017

    Easter Afternoon, 2017

    I believe I shot this two years back while out roaming around looking at all the spring outbursts on Easter Afternoon with my dad. It was a spectacular day, and I believe he also did several paintings inspired by our trip. Fine Art Print Available, Click Here