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Seasoned in the South

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  • Black & White -or- Color?

    “South Georgia, 2017” I shot this on one of my wander-abouts in 2017 exploring South Georgia.  I loved the gritty textures and harsh light. I like this image as a black and white and also as a color. I think where I was going to hang it would tip the scales in the direction for…

  • Charlie’s Creek Road Home

    Charlie’s Creek Road Home, -2017

  • Horns

  • Bonus Room

    Both time and nature conspire to obscure. Click To Purchase

  • Wood No. 101

    Wood No. 101

    Over the years I have been exploring the Southern Appalachians I have seen thousands of barns and sheds standing in beautiful settings. They were an essential need for survival erected by hand with much labor. At first glance, they are just old buildings, dilapidated and falling. If I take the time to look, they become works…

  • Alt Text

    Molena, Georgia – 2018

    Molena, Georgia 2018 Molena is the home of the South by Southeast Photo Gallery. While waiting for the gallery to open I explored around town early on an overcast morning. The light and mist gave an ethereal feel to this children’s park which I tried to capture and express with this image. I wanted the scene to be…

  • Photo Buckhead Exhibit Curated By Micheal James O’Brien Opens Today

    I am very excited and honored to be included in Photo Buckhead 2018. My photograph “Court” was juried into the show by Michael James O’Brien. Michael James O’Brien is the Associate Chair of Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta. O’Brien earned a BA from Kenyon College and a BFA and…

  • Southern Landscapes Curated By Molly Roberts Opens at SxSE Gallery Tonight

    I am very excited to be included in The Southern Landscapes exhibit opening tonight at The SxSE Gallery. “Blairsville, Georgia” was selected by Molly Roberts to be included in the exhibit. Molly Roberts is a photography editor, curator, and photographer; currently Senior Photography Editor at National Geographic Magazine. Prior to this, she served as Chief…

  • Once Upon A Crime

    “Once Upon A Crime” -2015, Atlanta, Georgia Some photographs are best left to speak for themselves. This is one of those.    

  • Woodpile

    “Woodpile” I knew instantly that I wanted this to be a black and white image. The textures, shadows, and colors were just too good. Click To Purchase