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Paintings of Bill Suttles ~ Photography of Todd Suttles

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  • The Frances Virginia Tea Room

    My grandmother, Victoria Suttles, “Vic”, was born in Atlanta in March of 1900. To give perspective, there were no paved roads. The new development Peachtree Heights East (Duck Pond behind Christ The King Church on Peachtree, near West Wesley) advertised the new high-end feature and benefit of “oiled roads” to entice families to build homes¬†“outside…

  • Blooming

    Original pastel by Bill Suttles from his Off The Easel Collection -2021. $750 -12×16″ -available

  • Ya Been Out There?

  • Tallulah River Log Jam -2021

    available -10×15″ -01/05 -$140

  • Figure In Doorway

    Original pastel by Bill Suttles from his “Off The Easel Collection 2021”. 12×12″ available here.  

  • Daddy, New Orleans, 2019

  • Along The Ridge

    Original pastel measuring 12×16″ by Bill Suttles from his Off The Easel 2020 Collection. -$800 Check Availability Here  

  • “me” -Club Natale Bay Villas -2017″”

    I make pictures of Invisible Ink. I expose reality and perception with a camera. With the first cry and breath, we begin to use Visual Thinking. We live by observing everything, deciding upon its purpose, and how best to join with it. We name everything: me, you, momma, family, other, home, world, school, job, people,…

  • Outdoor Dining

    This is what I call a happy meal! Outdoor Dining is available as a limited edition in two sizes: 8×12″ ($75) and 14×21″ ($230)

  • Highland

    Original pastel measuring 16×16 by Bill Suttles from his “Off The Easel Collection”.¬†available here