English Avenue Elementary School -Opened 1910, Atlanta, Georgia

My grandmother was born in 1900 and passed in 1987. I am reasonably sure this would have been her elementary school. It is astounding to me to think of her childhood and the history of Atlanta in the early 1900s. Coca-Cola was new, the streets were dirt, and travel was by horse. She used to tell stories of childhood summers when the family would board the train to head outside the city to escape the heat. At the end of that train ride, she would spend a week or two with family friends, the Argyles, on The Argyles Estate. To put that location into perspective to the Atlanta of today, the Argyle’s Estate was where Cumberland Mall stands today!

From The Atlanta Preservation Center: Built-in 1910, the English Avenue Elementary school stands as one of the oldest Atlanta public school buildings extant and a reminder of the history of the surrounding area. The English Avenue neighborhood was purchased in 1891 by the son of former Atlanta mayor, John W. English. The neighborhood was designed to be a working class white neighborhood, with an African American neighborhood in Vine City bordering it to the South.

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