“Double 00”

“Double 00” is an image from a project I have been working on for the past three years: The Tri-County Dirt Race Track, otherwise titled “Red Dirt”. My intent for this project is to capture and convey a culture I completely stumbled upon on one of my walkabouts in North Georgia. I am fascinated with the enthusiasm and commitment of this sport’s fans and drivers. For the most part, I have found everyone very warm and welcoming -after they got used to me taking pictures. They seem a wholesome lot, very family oriented and many deeply religious. I have never seen any drinking or wildness as I had anticipated. To date, I have documented two Fourth of July Races and one Memorial Day Race; about 700 photos. I am planning on completing the shooting phase of this project with two more visits later this year.

This photo captured my eye for several reasons. There is a very palpable sense of reverence and admiration towards those who participate in the race from those who only admire. That was the emotional content of this interaction between these two kids. Additionally, I loved the way the participant was physically elevated, on tires no less, above his admirer. Compositionally, the play between the two tires on the foundation, the two tires beginning and ending the frame, the two boys, the two caps, and even the Double 00 hooked me completely (yes, I did just use a word with two O’s  in it).

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