Crossing The Double Line

Crossing The Double Line

This was shot on December 27, 2013 two days after Christmas in Union County, Georgia; near Blairsville.. I immediately thought of the religious and cultural symbolism evoked by this; I drove past it as I often do when I’m out shooting and had to turn around and go back; it seems the closest I can get to being in the moment is about 30 seconds.

Originally I was not sure whether I wanted this in black in white or color when I was through with it so I shot with both in mind. I did not have a tripod so I was limited to hand held which restricted the Depth of Field (1/60 @ f8.0) so I focused on the immediate foreground. I knew the shadow would not be sharp anyway so was mainly concerned with the yellow line and pavement anyway.

I processed two versions, one each color and Black&White. Neither of those I liked. I did a third version with keeping the yellow lines and having the rest be black & white; that was too contrived. I ended up liking this version best, pulling about 75% of the saturation of all colors except the yellow. This seems to be the right combination to my eye.

The location of this shot is in the Choestoe area in Union County, Georgia, USA. Choestoe is the Cherokee Indian name for land of rabbits. So I imagine this region was full of rabbits back in the early 1800’s. The Cherokee were driven out of this land by 1849. A few remained hidden in the highest elevations in caves until the late 1800’s but eventually the white setllers pushed those out as well. This story was told to me by Frank Collins whose ancestors, from Ireland, first settled this land  about 1820. He also told me a story of the first Collins to arrive: At that time the Indians and the settlers co-existed peacefully. The mother was in the garden one day and looked up to see a group of seven Indians gathered around the crib holding her youngest baby girl on the front porch; she was obviously white but was also blonde. He said she was not afraid for her or her baby; she just watched them, and they watched her while looking at the blonde haired baby.

There is a photo of Frank Collins’ property in my December 16th blog post

Crossing The Double Line is available as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print.

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