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  • Bill Suttles One Man Show at The River Gallery

    Bill Suttles Art Show at River Gallery, Chattanooga, TN in the Bluff View Art District Snapshots before the opening! Show will be running through August                                             River Gallery Web Site
  • Young Patriot

    Little Patriot on the 4th Photo by Todd Suttles
  • Simon Puschmann: Pursuing the Fine Art of Serendipity « The Leica Camera

    Simon Puschmann: Pursuing the Fine Art of Serendipity « The Leica Camera This is a great article that can apply to many different things!

  • Antiques Roadshow Filming in Birmingham, Alabama

    Took my father to Antiques Roadshow; didn’t have any treasures! Did take a few cool pix, will post later.

  • Traffic Court in Sylva, NC

    Traffic Court in Sylva, North Carolina I got a speeding ticket in North Carolina a while back and had to appear in court today in Sylva. Since court was at 8:30 AM I had to take the day off from work, so I took photos on the way back to Atlanta and work the next…
  • Big Bird

    Big Bird’s Road Trip
  • Snow Farm

    Snow Farm - February 17, 2014 This is second composition from the same location I posted yesterday. As I mentioned in that blog post, another photographer (Brandt Bolding) suggested this composition would be a stronger image- leaving the old house and fence out completely. He especially did not like the old house. It did not…
  • Pop Top

    Walking Around, Atlanta, GA - Jan 22, 2014
  • Bohemian Grove

    BOHEMIAN GROVE Found this in Atlanta on top of an abandoned old school house. The owl reminded me of The Bohemian Grove Conspiracy Rumors; an interesting Google search if you are not familiar with it. Bohemian Grove is available as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print.
  • Hemphill Homestead

    The Hemphill Homestead – January 15, 2014 Today I went out on an artist date as prescribed by the book “The Artist’s Way”. I started the book two days ago and have done the required 3 full pages of brain dump writing first thing out of bed. Today I did the second step which is what…