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  • Bored on September 24, 2020

    Still bored…

  • Bored on September 23, 2020

    I’m tired of being “careful” about COVID.


    Quarantine was also selected to be included in the Atlanta Photography Group exhibition STRANGE TIMES.

  • Bright Day

    BRIGHT DAY -a pastel by Bill Suttles The original painting has been sold. However, it is available as an Archival Fine Art Print ($90). The print image measures 12×9 and is on archival, 100% cotton rag fine art paper for original pastels. Visit Store  

  • Strange Times – Atlanta Photography Group -Currated by Barbara Griffin

    I am honored to be included in the Strange Times Exhibit at Atlanta Photography Group. The title of this photo is Up and Down. Two other of my photos were selected by Barbara Griffin to be included in the exhibit. I will post both of those over the next few days. Atlanta Photography Group presents STRANGE…

  • Cecil and His Airplane Trip

    Every once in a while, a photograph comes right up to you and demands that it be made. Most of the time, it does not involve a human being but when it does -Take NOTE. It is a sin, akin to killing a mockingbird, NOT to take it. It always involves much more than just…


    I am honored to have “Looking” included in the Strange Time Exhibit: Atlanta Photography Group presents STRANGE TIME, a small print exhibition, with fun, creative photographic works selected by juror, Barbara Griffin. Strange Time is a fun, small print exhibition, featuring unique images

  • Bill Suttles Planning His Next Painting

  • Baseball No. 02

    Playing around with my camera for a workshop I am taking on creativity taught by Beth Lilly. This is from Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia near my home.  

  • Suttles Family Art Exhibition October 9-December 31

    More Details Coming Soon