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  • Chester’s

  • English Avenue Elementary School -Opened 1910, Atlanta, Georgia

    My grandmother was born in 1900 and passed in 1987. I am reasonably sure this would have been her elementary school. It is astounding to me to think of her childhood and the history of Atlanta in the early 1900s. Coca-Cola was new, the streets were dirt, and travel was by horse. She used to…

  • Savannah Walk, Savannah, GA -2019

    Another from my recent photo trip to Savannah, Georgia. Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • On The Square, Savannah, GA, 2019

    I decided to take off for Savannah for a couple of days to just relax and shoot. I stayed at The DeSoto in the heart of the action around River Street. This is one of the first images I made on the trip. I will be posting more later. Fine Art Print Available, Click Here

  • Powers

    I found this roaming about Murphy, NC. I did stop to talk to the homeowner. The only explanation she could offer was that “It” was the “landlord’s doing“. She was friendly enough once she understood why I was taking pictures of her home. You really never know what you will find in the South! .…

  • Murphy Back Yard, 2019

    Fine Art Print Available, Click Here .

  • APG Summertime Exhibition

    A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Atlanta Photography Group Exhibit “Summertime” tonight. IT WAS GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE!!! Two images from my series “Red Dirt” were juried into the exhibit by¬†Genie Gaither Jones & Scott Speakes of Okra Magazine.                          …

  • “Portent” How it’s Made In Photoshop

    Most of the time I use Photoshop and other editing tools to alter my photograph in ways that help it to tell the story I originally wanted to say when I snapped the shutter; usually adjusting elements that would have been manipulated in the darkroom if the original had been a film image. Then sometimes…

  • Henry

    . Fine Art Print Available, Click Here .

  • Corn Field, Union County, Georgia, 2019

    I made this with my new Canon Camera this morning. I wish I had upgraded sooner. It is always so much fun to have a new camera! Fine Art Print Available, Click Here . .