It’s February. It is time for a smile and a cheerful outlook. “Buford” is the antidote to a world of woes.  Buford has passed since he posed for his closeup, but his legacy goes on. If you lived in Union County, Georgia (Blairsville), you most likely had occasion to visit the Union County Landfill. If you did, Buford would be waiting across the street from your turn-in, patiently waiting for you stop and give him a treat. He was as close as you could get to being a celebrity in the region. At one point he was so popular, his owner had to place a giant six-foot sign at the edge of his fence stating: “Please do not feed Buford candy bars. They make him sick” scrawled across its’ width by hand, in red paint.

But look at that face! He always just KNEW he was about to get one anyway! I believe animals can smile. And I believe Buford knew. That is all there is to that!

Because “Buford” is one of those photos that can change the energy in a room wherever he goes, like when a baby or child enters the room, I have made him available in tons of sizes, as an open edition, on matte & luster photo paper at 50% OFF during February in my store here.  (  http://ow.ly/81wa30igS1F  )

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