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  • This photo could be about so many things that I am going to just leave it untitled

  • Murphy Back Yard, 2019

    “Murphy Back Yard” I haven’t lived anywhere outside of the south, so I can’t say for sure that this scene is unique to The South, but I suspect it is. Of one thing I AM certain: it reeks of my experience growing up in the south. In those days, the outside was only another room…

  • Looking For A Happy New Year With Fun Surprises For Everyone

    New Orleans, December 2019, Photo-Walk-About

  • In New Orleans, December 2019

  • Mary, New Orleans, December 2019

  • Merry Christmas Everyone

  • One Way

    As is always the case with pet ownership: Exactly who is training who? I lucked onto this scene on one of my mourning photo-walks while attending photoNola in New Orleans.

  • Christmas In New Orleans

    Today I am in New Orleans attending photoNOLA and I spent the morning exploring along the edges with my camera. This is the first time I have been in New Orleans during the Christmas season. As expected, even Christmas in New Orleans has a unique spin!  

  • Another Photo at People, Places, Things

    This is a second image on exhibit at The Madison Cultural Center Exhibit: People’ Places, and Things.

  • Meliech

    From a new series, I have begun working on FOOD and how it relates to culture and identity. The initial beginning images are on my Adobe Behance website below; feedback and critique are requested and appreciated…