Todd Suttles is a hair stylist, salon owner and photographer living in Atlanta and Young Harris, Georgia. Engaged in a vigilant search for meaning beyond first appearances and guided by a unique perspective, his photography captures and expresses the history, beauty, humor, and contradictions of a life spent in the Southern United States.
His parents, Pat and Bill Suttles, were both professional artists that encouraged his creativity and introduced him to the art of observation at a young age. Photography has been a passion of his since elementary school. He worked both behind and in front of the camera to create fashion images for print during his professional years in the beauty industry. In 2010, he began in earnest to pursue his desire to create art with his camera.
Suttles is self-taught but credits his father, Neil Chaput de Saintonge and Jay Leviton as the photographers who first brought photography to life for him. He also identifies Lisa Sciascia as his inspiration during his fashion photography phase, collaborating with her on set primarily as a hair stylist. He is also an active supporter and participant in The Atlanta Photography Group and Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

Shows & Exhibits since 2010: