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  • Strutt’N

    ON HOW TO PICK A CHICKEN FOR YOUR POT From The Best Cook n The World: Tales From My Moma’s Table by Rick Bragg (on Amazon) “City people like to think my people just grabbed a chicken up off the yard or out of the coup at random, just snatched whichever unlucky bird wandered within grasp. This…

  • Restaurant Window, Washington, Georgia

    A friend and I had driven towards Washington, Georgia for a photo-ramble. My friend traces his ancestors to this part of the state as original settlers. We stopped to have lunch at this little cafe on the square and I just loved the light as it was coming into the restaurant. A little from Wikipedia about the…

  • On The Way, In Snow

    It seldom snows in Georgia but in some of the higher elevations, it does occur sometimes. The trick is to get enough to cover, without blocking access to the roads; North Georgia is definitely not set up to clear all the roads. This image is from one of those rarer times. I was able to get…

  • Huff Road, Atlanta, Georgia -2014

    It is that time of year again to be submitting to SlowExposures 2018. I have been going through my images making selections to submit and have found a series I shot back in 2010 and 2014. The location is on Huff Road over by Digital Arts Studio, Barry and Robin’s business. The site is a…

  • Slow Exposures 2018 Call For Entry Ends Next Sunday

    Slow Exposures 2018 Call For Entry Ends Next Sunday “Nola” For those of you who knew me back before I closed my big salon, Noland Suttles, you will know who this is. I am going through my library trying to decide on six images to select for submission to Slow Exposures 2018 (DUE NEXT SUNDAY,…

  • Walk-Ins Welcome

    Walk-Ins Welcome This is right up my alley; found it on my Memorial Day photo-road trip through Alabama. Click-To-Buy

  • Tiny House

    You just never know what you can find on a walk. I didn’t see the occupants tho! –wished I had Click To Buy  

  • Call 911

    “Call 911” Found on the backroads of Alabama during my recent Memorial Day photo-road tip. Buy This Image

  • Untitled

    Another image from my recent Memorial Day photo-road trip. This I found in the window of a small town theatre. The evening gowns are authentic 1900 and 1920 period gowns.

  • Train Car

    Another image from my Memorial Day photo-road trip through lower Alabama.